Property for sale in Alora

Property for sale in Alora, Alora property for sale.

Alora is situated about 40 kms behind Malaga city in the Valle del Guadalhorce between three distinct hills on the right bank of the Guadalhorce river, it has a population of around 13,000. It is also on the popular train commuter line from Malaga to Sevilla, Cordoba and Granada. The town boasts the remains of an impressive castle, founded by the Phoenicians and later the Visgoths and Moors. It´s nearest most famous land mark is El Chorro in the Sierra de Huma (1,191 m).

The gorge “ El Chorro “ where the currently defunct walkway, the old Málaga-Cordoba railway line runs through the gorge in a set of several tunnels, bridges and dams cutting through the gorge. Sections of the railway were used in the final location shots of the 1965 adventure film Von Ryans Express.