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Fee Paying Schools

Urb. Los Pinos s/n, Avda. Capitán Rodríguez 18690, Almuñécar, Granada.
Tel : 958 635 911 Fax : 958 639 003

The school was founded in 1989, has 200 pupils of different nationalities between the ages of 4 and 18. It is a member of the National Association of British Schools in Spain ( NABBS ) and of the European Council of International Schools ( ECIS ). It is an authorised examinations centre for the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate and for the University of London Board. Pupils at 16 years take the international G.C.S.E. examinations and, at 18, the G.C.E. Advanced Level Examinations. The School follows, in general terms, the English National Curriculum, covering the major areas of English, Mathematics, Science and Technology, the Humanities, the Arts and Physical education. In the Upper Primary school pupils also begin in the study of a third language. The school also follows Spanish and Social Studies according to the objectives of the Spanish National Curriculum.

The majority of the teaching is in English. Spanish-qualified teachers teach Spanish and Sociales. The school calendar follows the European pattern of summer holidays of two months and breaks at Christmas, Easter and half-terms. The school day for pupils is from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Lunch is provided for all pupils at the school. Transport is available, on designated school bus routes, to and from school. Coach services are provided from Almuñécar, La Herradura, Nerja and Motril with regular stopping points along the route.

Avenida Centaurea, 829018 Málaga
Tel: 952 290 149

St. George´s British Schools aim to educate children into becoming confident, knowledgeable, and creative adults who are equipped to make a significant contribution to the modern world. They will have an understanding of, and empathy for the diverse cultures throughout the world, and will have developed a love of learning.

In order to fulfil our mission statement, our objectives are:

  • To provide a secure, stimulating, motivating and tranquil learning environment for our pupils.
  • To help and encourage pupils to achieve their best and to attain the highest possible academic level.
  • To provide a British education in a bicultural environment.
  • To help prepare pupils for adult life by encouraging self-confidence, mutual respect, a sense of duty and ethical values.
  • To ensure pupils benefit from Spain´s language and culture through complementary Spanish studies.

`Learning for the future and Learning from the past.´ 

State Non Fee Paying Schools

There are many Spanish state schools and a number only are listed.

(all numbers dialled from outside Spain to be prefixed 00 34)
Colegio Público Joaquin Herrera, C/Antonio Ferrandis-Chanquete, Tel : 952 527 048.
Colegio Público Narixa, Avda.Pescia, Tel : 952 521 148.
Colegio Público San Miguel, Avda.Castilla Perez, Tel : 952 520 826.

I.E.S El Chaparil , C/ Chaparil , Tel : 952 527 086.

Colegio Público Enrique Gines, Avda. Principe de España, Tel : 952 533 122.

Colegio Público Colina del Sol, Colina del Sol. Tel : 952 538 015.

Colegio Público Salvador Rueda, Bda. Legion. Tel : 952 501 479.
Colegio Público El Romeral, Con. Algarrobo. Tel : 952 502 048.
I.E.S Reyes Católicos, Avda Vivar Tellez, Tel : 952 505 408.

Colegio Público Antonio Checa Martinez, Bda. Pescadores 35, Tel : 952 541 037. 
Colegio Público Blas Infante, C/Miguel de Cervantes. Tel : 952 547 217.
I.E.S Maria Zambrano, Crtr Circunvalación, Tel : 952 540 326.

Colegio Público, Tel : 952 519 019.

PLEASE NOTE - the above information is supplied directly from the schools, and does not form any part of any report nor recommendation from Team España.

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