According to most real estate commentators the Spanish resale and new build market will continue to grow subject to no major political or financial surprises. The combination of a resurgence in both tourism and foreign investment ( particularly on the coast ) supports a ´thumbs up´ for the property sector in general.

Demand rose 11.6% in the third quarter of 2017. Interestingly the months of August September and October 2017 saw the number of new build sales exceeding resales. According to the National Institute of Statistics new build applications across Spain were up by nearly 27% for the first 9 months. Likewise, applications to refurb and extend were up 3% and 11% respectively. Year 2017 to October the Costa del Sol registered a 14% increase versus the same period prior year. The only area posting a decrease was Almeria at - 8%.

Back to news headlines Date: 06 February 2018